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Need Your House Painted?

Central PA House Painters

Brushwork Painters has the experience to provide you with a professional quality paint job, be it interior or exterior. While other painters take days or weeks to complete a job, stretching out your wallet and their profit, you can rest assured that our team will get the job done as quick as possible, sometimes in as little as 1 day. We won’t charge you a premium, and our rates are through the floor (now that’s low).

We may be fast, but we stand behind a quality guarantee that you’ll love our work. Our techniques and systems have been perfected for over twenty years, meaning you’ll get the highest possible quality out of your painting job. The paint job you’ve always wanted, done by our hand-picked professional team of painters, a low price, and a written two year warranty-sounds too good to be true. Luckily, that’s just the level of work we’ve been perfecting over the course of those twenty years. We also offer complete industrial and commercial painting services in Central PA.

Exterior House Painting

Brushwork Painters has experience in painting outside surfaces like stucco, brick, wood siding, vinyl siding, cedar shingles, wood trim and doors, and several other mediums. Plus, our eco-friendly service uses zero or low VOC paint to help minimize the impact on our environment as well as your family and pets. Our goal is not only to do the job with outstanding workmanship but to your unique specifications.

Interior House Painting

Going it alone may seem like a good idea in the beginning, but it’s a lot like cutting your own hair. Once you really get into the interior painting job, you’re going to find that you may not know exactly what you’re doing, and you could end up with a mess that you need to spend time and money having someone else correct. With our single day paint jobs, you’ll find that you’re much safer (and so are your wallet and your home) than going it alone. 

Trust Us to Paint Your Central PA Residence

No matter the size of the job, we’re there to take it on. Be it one interior room, the outside of your garden shed, or your entire home, inside and out. We aim to meet your specific needs as a client and to assure that you are as satisfied as possible with your new paint. That’s why we send an experienced estimator to your home or business to supply you with a written estimate, information about our paint products, and pricing and time commitments. Once you’ve picked out your service and set up the appointment, we’ll come back to discuss color schemes and what next steps we’ll be taking. Our company aims to make sure that you have a hand in the painting process because your satisfaction is our job.

Don’t worry about learning everything there is to know about home painting or setting aside the time and resources to do it yourself; that’s what we’re here for! Our highly trained, professional painters will complete a quality house painting job you would expect from a much larger company, with a spotless cleanup and in a timeframe that works for you. Some jobs can be accomplished in a single day with our team. All of our projects are important to us, that’s why we guarantee customer satisfaction every time. We respect your time; that’s why our innovative solutions are built to instill you with a high quality job in the shortest timeframe possible. Long after we’ve come and gone, you’ll be feeling a genuine satisfaction from our house painting services.


House Painters in York PA – If you have a home in York County that is in need of a fresh coat of paint Brushwork Painters are here to help.

House Painters in Hanover PA – We are the top residential painting contractor in the Hanover PA area. Fast, affordable and quality workmanship are our hallmarks.

House Painters in Lancaster PA – Whether your home is in Lancaster city or the neighboring countryside, Brushwork Painters are your number one local choice.

House Painters in Harrisburg PA – We only use the top-quality coatings and finishes on every residential project in the Harrisburg metro area.

House Painters in Gettysburg PA – We can help you with all your interior or exterior house painting needs in Gettysburg and Adams County.


Contact Brushwork Painters Today for Your Home Painting Project

We are the leading house painters in the business because we are simply experts at what we do. From living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, offices and basements and everything in between, we’ve got it covered. And the house painting cost doesn’t have to give you vertigo, as some companies seem to think. We want to provide friendly, efficient service to all of our customers, making sure that each one is completely satisfied with the job they hired us for. We are the house painters revolutionizing the business, with eco-friendly paint, low cost, and friendly service.

Here’s a look at how our business operates:

  • We are licensed and insured professionals. Don’t take a chance with a painting company who can’t provide the same credentials. You could end up with property damage, poor workmanship, or worse. Or they could vanish in the middle of a job, leaving you to clean up the mess. We provide accurate, upfront painting quotes to assure that we won’t come back for more money part way through the job. We have the credentials to back up our claims, too.
  • We offer you a detailed proposal in writing. We’re a level above verbal quotes and estimates that can be thrown out at the drop of a hat. Instead, you’ll receive a personalized, detailed proposal clearly outlining our services to be rendered and the total cost of those services. Our specialized estimators have years of experience to help you reach an accurate price upfront. Our expert painters will then work straight from the proposal to ensure that your project is completed to your exact specifications.
  • We get you a follow-through, even after the paint has dried. While you wait for your new paint to dry, our site foreman will do a complete walk-through to check for any touch ups you may need. Each client then receives a follow-up call the next day, to assure that the work, colors, and products all meet your expectations. But we go beyond that. At the 12 and 23 month marks in the warranty, you will receive calls to ensure that you are still satisfied with the job and that the paint and products are holding up accordingly.

We have solutions for all of your interior and exterior residential paint needs, as well as commercial and industrial painting projects. We respect your time as much as you do, so we make sure we’re upfront and transparent from the start. When it comes to time and money estimates and warranties, we’ll provide everything in writing, so that you can be sure that we stand by both our word and your specifications.

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