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Picking the best painting tools for your space has never been easier.

Looking for a paint project shopping list? The paint, of course, should be on top of the list. But what about all the other materials? Whether it’s a house or a room-painting project, all the needed supplies must be gathered up at the start. For a first-time painter, the decision-making process requires choosing the right paint color, as well as all of the other materials. The key to a better look and finish of a home or room improvement is knowing what tools to use and when. Not sure what materials you should get, or what options are going to work better in your home? Check out these tips from a professional painter in Lancaster PA.

What Are The Best Painting Tools Out There?

Painting Brushes

For Lancaster PA house painters, the choice of the right paintbrush is almost as difficult as getting the right paint color. There a few things to remember when shopping for a paintbrush:

  • Types of Bristle – These can be synthetic or natural. The synthetic bristles are made from polyester, nylon or a mixture of both and are best for water-based latex paints. On the other hand, natural bristles are made from animal hair like hog or badger. Natural-bristle brushes are recommended for oil-based alkyd paints. If applied on a latex paint, the natural-bristle brush will absorb the water in the paint and becomes too limp, which makes it difficult or even impossible to spread the paint. Other synthetic brushes may be used to apply both the alkyd and latex paints, but make sure to read the packaging instructions to check their compatibility with the paint to be used.
  • The Shape of Bristle  – The majority of paint brushes that are sold in the market today are square-cut, which are ideal for holding and laying paint on any surface. But they don’t give control when painting into corners, along narrow surfaces or edges, or up to adjacent surfaces. For a better precise control, painters in Lancaster PA use a sash brush that has slight-angle cut bristles. These brushes are perfect for cutting in around the room’s perimeter.

Paint Rollers

Most of the large painting projects on flat surfaces are best done with the use of a roller. Similar to brushes, rollers come in different shapes and sizes. In general, these tools make the painting process of a painting contractor in Lancaster PA a lot easier for the following reasons:

  • They apply paint faster
  • They absorb more paint
  • They leave fewer seams and drips between the painted areas

Rollers are best used when painting a big area or even a size of a cabinet door to make the job faster and achieve a much smoother appearance. To minimize the number of strokes,  a Lancaster PA commercial painter chooses a roller that can cover the area most efficiently. Like brushes, the roller material also depends on the type of paint to be used:

  • Nylon or polyester rollers – used for latex paints
  • Natural rollers – Made from a lamb’s wool, mohair, and others, these are used for oils.
  • Blended rollers – Used for both latex and oil paints.

Paint Pads

These are flat pads that come with a surface that takes paint that can be applied to a different surface. Pads basically work like rollers, as they apply in a wide surface area and leaves with a smooth surface. The difference, however, is that they provide a sharper edge control. But prevent applying too much paint because a paint pad can soak up the paint and drip extensively.


These are specialty tools that are designed to permeate the painted surface with a texture. However, they should be washed out well to keep them from soaking up the paint, become dry and unusable, or fall apart.

With the right tools and knowledge, painting can be fun and exciting. Try making a simple painting supplies checklist when you start your project so that you can be sure that you have everything you need from the start.


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