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Exterior Painting in Central PA

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Count on Brushwork Painters of Central Pennsylvania for all of your exterior painting and coating projects in the York and Hanover area, including siding and trim, roof painting and coating and masonry painting and coating. We are experts in both commercial and residential exterior painting.

We have the professional exterior painters you can rely on for fast and professional results when recoating and restoring the exterior facade of your property. With over 20 years experience, Brushwork Painters can get your exterior painting projects completed on time and on budget. We also offer complete interior painting services.

The Top Signs Your Building’s Facade Needs To be Painted

The following are the tell-tale signs you ought to pick up the phone and contact Brushwork’s exterior painters for a possible exterior painting job:

Peeling paint – Flaked and chipped areas will only worsen as these are exposed to different elements, most notably the heat of the sun. Bits of paint lying on the ground can also indicate that there is flaking from the upper parts of your home or business. And if you can spot areas of peeling paint on any exterior part of your home and property, then you should really consider a re-painting job.

Spidery cracks on the surface – Another indication that your home exterior needs to be repainted is when you can see spider cracks on the exterior surface. This simply suggests that the painted coated has started to fail. Over time you can expect flipping and flaking to follow suit.

Does Your Property Suffer?

Faded color – Homes and businesses located in tropical areas easily have their exterior colors fade due to exposure to the fierce, ultraviolet rays of the sun. And even if you live in cold climate areas, your home exterior is still not exempt from fading color particularly surfaces on the southern side. Repainting will even out the colors, giving your home or business a more attractive look.

Dirty-looking exterior – Most of the time, pressure washing the exterior of your house or business may be enough to remove dirt and mold. But if washing isn’t powerful enough to get rid of those unsightly things it may really be time to have the pros go over your house or business and repaint its exteriors.

Wood Rot – In case you’ve been noticing rotting wood around door and window frames, then you really have to think about a painting project. Paint can protect wood against the elements, and without it, wood can deteriorate quickly.

Does the Color of your home or business look outdated? Most of the time, the exterior of a house or business was painted in a color or scheme that was in vogue at the time. But exterior paint trends change quickly that a color that was popular three to four years ago may look old-fashioned today.  A fresh coat of paint can give your place an updated look, which can be important if you’re selling your property.

Painting the outside of your property does more than increase its curb appeal. Quality paint helps protect your property from the weather and the elements, reducing damage to siding, architectural woodwork and other materials. With thorough preparation and the right coating for the project, you can expect your property’s paint to look fresh and new and withstand the weather conditions for many years.

York exterior painting – A skilled exterior painter in York PA can explain the process of getting your property ready for fresh paint, from scraping and sanding to caulking and priming.

Exterior painters in Hanover – A professional Hanover painter can recommend appropriate exterior paint for the project, whether you are painting wood, fiber cement, stucco, vinyl, or metal. 

Gettysburg exterior paint contractor – When it comes to getting the project started correctly, your Gettysburg exterior painter will arrive with the right tools and equipment needed to get the painting done efficiently and safely.

Exterior painting Lancaster PA – Many of details will affect the cost of painting the exterior of your property in Lancaster, such as its size, the scope of the project and the current condition.

Exterior painting contractors in Harrisburg – Your local Harrisburg exterior painting company will take a look at the job to estimate how major the repairs and prep work will be and if any special equipment, supplies or coatings are needed to ensure a long-lasting finish.

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