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What Color Is Eggshell? A Professional Painter’s Most Common Questions

One of the easiest and most affordable tips from Gettysburg PA painting contractors to freshen up the home’s interior is the addition of a new coat of paint. For instance, homeowners looking to freshen up their homes ahead of sale should consider choosing a neutral color palette to repaint the home so that it appeals to a wider range of people and makes it easier for potential buyers to image their own things in the home.

Whatever the reason you might be considering painting your home, you’ll want to consider a wide range of color options and painting tactics before making a final decision. You might find that you have a lot more questions that you would have thought once you start looking into an interior painting project for your Gettysburg home. Below are some of the more common questions that our Brushwork Painters hear when we offer free consults to our clients.

What is a Neutral Color Palette?

A neutral color palette is one that has no color or one that is unsaturated with color. Some of the options that fall into this category include shades of Beige, Taupe, Ivory, Gray, Black, Brown, and White. Each of these color are neutrals and are available in a wide variety of hues with some available in the warm and cool options and having properties and undertones which are capable of dramatically changing and modifying the appearance of the paint. In other cases, other factors capable of affecting the appearance of neutral colors include lighting, wall placement, and other colors in the room.

Why Choose Neutral Colors

A neutral color palette has become one of the most widely used choices among homeowners due to its wide variety of applications. The neutral color palette can be used to invoke a feeling of restfulness or as a neutral backdrop; or in some other cases, it can be used to create an uninterrupted flow in an open concept design.

Benefits Of A Neutral Color Palette

There’s more than one benefit to choosing a neutral color palette in your home. For instance, a home is easier to sell with a neutral color scheme because potential buyers are less focused on the wall colors and more focused on imaging how they might use the space if they were to purchase the home. Here are some of the top benefits of a neutral color palette:


Neutral colors are capable of blending and working with any type of furniture and as such, buyers find it easier to envision their belongings in the space without the usual distraction attributed to bold colors. Choosing a neutral color palette allows buyers to appreciate the architectural and structural features of the home better and creates a restful impression.


Application of light color in the interior space can trick the eye into believing the room is larger than it actually is. Light colors also create the illusion of airiness in the indoor space.


The term “eggshell paint” can be used to describe any color bearing semblance to the average chicken egg. In painting terms however, this is used to describe a finish rather than the color of the paint.

Paint finishes are categorized based on the amount of gloss or sheen they contain and each type is suitable for a variety of applications. The Eggshell paint however contains about 10 to 25 percent gloss being on the lower spectrum and can be differentiated by the following characteristics:

  • Eggshell is slightly more reflective when compared to flat finish
  • Eggshell paint is less durable compared to satin or semi-gloss paint
  • It is a great option for moderate traffic areas
  • It can be used to effectively hide flaws and imperfections
  • Can be adopted for ceilings, adult bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms.

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