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As a homeowner, you may be looking for ways to make the rooms of your house stand out. Here at Brushwork Painters Central PA, we have some tips and ideas on how selecting neutral colors for your walls can help you create a dynamic setting for any room. Choosing a neutral color, opposite to common belief can help your room stand out by providing endless design possibilities. Neutral colored walls allow you to include unique furnishings and decorations. Neutral colors include brown, beige, white, grey and black, plus you can also combine these colors to create warmer or colder shades of color. However, choosing the right neutral color for your interiors can be quite complicated, our team of expert painters can help you choose the right neutral color that will enhance the look and provide design versatility to any room. Here are a few options to use neutral colors to your advantage, helping you create a dynamic living space. 

Keep things interesting

Contrast is the trick to adding optical attention to a neutral-colored room. If your bedroom walls are charcoal grey, add dimension and lighten the mood with striking tones and surfaces with different design elements. Many people shy away from buying unique and sometimes extravagant colored furniture because of the fear that the piece will not match with the walls. With a neutral-colored wall, you can forget about those types of restrictions and buy that perfect colorful rug you always wanted to have.  Selecting light neutral colors for your walls will give your interiors a fresh, neat look without drawing attention away from that stunning, eccentric centerpiece. 

A perfect background to make your personality stand out

Having your walls painted with neutral colors gives you endless options to choose from when it comes to selecting an accent color. Just make sure to select an accent color with matching undertones. Make your color choice based on other room features, like your favorite art piece, or your favorite rug. Contrasting colors really mix and match well when it comes to neutrals and colors. Combining neutral walls with bright furniture lets you express who you are through unique pieces and decorations. A good neutral color will help create a solid foundation for anyone looking to showcase interesting collectibles, flower pots or vases, including many personal items you wish to show off. This technique can be applied to any room, not just the living room. Add life to a kitchen with colorful and matching kitchen appliances

Neutral backgrounds can adapt to any style

Our design tastes will change according to our experiences and moods. With a neutral wall, you do not have to worry about repainting based on new furniture since most of the time you will always find a way to add new elements to your space. If you decide you want to change up the way a room looks, it is far easier to change the furniture than to repaint the whole room. Painting the interior or exterior of your house with neutral colors is also a smart option if you are planning on selling your house. Many house brokers indicate that it is easier to sell a house with neutral walls as potential buyers can visualize themselves living in your home easier.

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