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An Experienced Central PA Painter’s Take On Dark Accent Walls In Interior Painting

When planning on a Central PA painting project, you’ll certainly find that there are many current trends for interior painting projects. Many of these trends are simple and easy to execute, but add a huge amount of style to the home. If you’ve been thinking about adding complimenting or accent colors to your home, you might find that you’re having a hard time deciding whether to go with a lighter or darker tone; something that blends or something that pops.

Even paint color professionals can have a hard time choosing the right color to balance an area of a home. But with years of experience, it can become easy to distinguish the perfect accent color to compliment a space just by getting a good look at the area and taking into account the style and taste of the homeowner. One of the ways that professional painters of Central PA suggest creating an accent in the home is by using black as either a complimentary or accent color.

Black As An Accent Interior Color

Black as a color adds character to any part of the home and can be adopted both for the interior and exterior area of the home. While some homeowners may be reluctant to accept black on their interior or exterior walls, it is important to note that black is capable of adding a modern and clean aesthetic to the home.

It’s true what they say: black never goes out of style. Here are just a few of the reasons why experienced painters recommend choosing black to accent your home:

Bold Contrast

Black is a bold color that can be adopted anywhere and on any wall in the home to add beauty and a rare statement. It is also important to note that incorporating black into the home’s walls, whether interior or exterior is quite easier than most people care to imagine. When seeking a color which can be used as a foundation for home decorations, black stands out as it fits into any decorating style and personal taste. With black being an adaptable color, it is possible to use this color as a base for areas in the home which may serve as a setting for major decoration.

Clean And Modern

Black is a modern and transitional color. Most painters have come to understand that the black color is both a classic and timeless shade which draws attention to the organic elements in its surrounding while allowing them to stand out. Another persuasive reason to incorporate black into the home’s color scheme is that it pairs exceptionally well with other colors, thus giving you the full range of flexibility to experiment. Pairing black with other colors additionally makes the paired colors look brighter and better – a tip which is an essential principle of color theory and design.

Subtle Backdrop For Flair

Similar to how black is a great color for the exterior space, choosing black for the indoor space makes additional colors paired with it pop out. With black having the ability to accentuate complimentary colors, you are guaranteed that your furniture, picture frames, and decorations will stand out, thus making the interior space more lively and active.

Black can be used for trim, a single accent walls, flooring, and more when it comes to creating a statement in your home. Whether you are looking to create a retro style or prefer something a little more modern, black paint is sure to help you make any are of your home dazzle thanks to its versatility.

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