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Here at Brushwork painters Central PA, we understand it can be frustrating and time-consuming to paint your house, but painting your home is simpler than it seems. Repainting your home is a good investment that increases the value and appearance of your property. Paint provides your house with the protection it needs against the weather. It is obviously time to repaint when pain begins to fade, peel or fall off. However, there are other signs that you should be aware of that indicate when it is time to add a new fresh coat of paint.

Paint flaking or cracked paint

Improper weatherproofing can lead to mold formations underneath the paint, causing the paint to rot and crack. Sunlight and extreme humidity are usually factors that will damage the paint. 

Caulk deterioration

With time caulk will lose its elastic properties and dry up. If you notice that the cauk has lost its elasticity, it is time to repaint. Caulk protects the paint against damage, so selecting a caulk that is highly resistant is important.

Paint decoloration

Paint fading can occur because of constant exposure to sunlight. Depending on the color, dark shades tend to fade out faster than paler shades. While areas that are not exposed to the sun may last longer, we recommend that you repaint them as well as the caulk may need replacement.

Color morphing

UV rays can make the paint fade and, sometimes after applying a new fresh coat, the color can morph into a different and unwanted color. For example, in a matter of weeks, beige can become red. To prevent this, ensure that the paint is of good quality and can withstand UV damage.

Wood protection

If you notice that your wooden wall has begun to warp or shrink it is important that you repaint your walls as water may be seeping through. Using water-resistant paint can prolong the life of your wooden walls.

Stucco repair

If your stucco walls are damaged, we recommend that you repair only the damaged parts and repaint the walls completely. This option is cheaper and allows to have matching colors instead of just repainting the patched areas.

Improving resale value

If you are planning on selling your house, repainting the walls can drastically increase the value of your home.

New house

If you have recently acquired a new house, we recommend you apply a fresh coat of paint, as sometimes contractors will only apply one coat of paint to protect the wood from warping.

Paint peeling

Painting your house as soon as you start to see peeling and wearing of the paint can minimize the cost of repainting as you will need to spend less money on preparatory work.

Determining when it is necessary to paint your home’s exterior walls depends on the following factors: wall material, paint quality used, and climate conditions. We recommend that you repaint your house every 5 to 10 years to ensure maximum protection. For further information and tips on how to maintain your wall visit the following link https://brushworkpainters.com



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