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Best Interior Paint Options From A Local York, PA Painter

Ready to give the inside of your home a beautiful face? We’ve gotten the best paint types for you.

Many people in the name of beautifying the interior of their homes,  make use of interior paints. However, selecting and making use of the best interior paints is very important.  You may have good interior decorations but without an appropriate interior paint, your home might not be that accommodating.

Hiring A Residential Painter

Rather than degrading the decorative beauty of the interior of your home due to lack of knowledge about the appropriate interior paints to use,  why not consider hiring the service of a painting company in York, PA to give your home a better look?

Best Interior Paints

Matte Paint

When you think of the most common interior paint,  then never look far from matte paints. They are known to give your home the beautiful face you craved for.


– No shine in this finish.  Hence, appropriate for walls and ceilings

– Easy to apply with a brush

– Covers imperfections well on your walls

– Most appropriate for old houses


– Need many coats to have a solid color

– I is easily marked and difficult to clean

– There must be regular retouching when you use matte paint

Matte Enamel

Another interior paint you should know of is Matte enamel which is very much similar to matte paint. Matte Enamel still differs from matte or flat paint, so be sure to check the differences closely before choosing one.


– More durable than matte paint

Easily clean,  hence ideal for kitchen areas


– They are low glossy

– Don’t work well with old houses.


A very popular interior paints but less understand by painters.  Satin is like an hybrid between matte and gloss paint(will be discussed below).


– Produce a low and soft shine

– Easy to clean


– Makes imperfections on walls more apparent

– Reflect more light than matte paint

Any touching will stands out.


Another interior paint you might want your painting contractor in York PA to make use of is eggshell as it often serve as a better choice for people.


– Easy to apply

– Doesn’t showcase imperfection on walls

– Cover more surface area with less paint.


– The finish lack the smoothness compare to a satin finish


Semi Gloss

York painters also make use of semi gloss interior paint, making it one of the common interior paints in York.


– Easy to clean with soap and water

– Durable and scrubbable

– Offers high resistance to moisture.


– Suitable for heavy use

– Offers a hard finish

– Used more on trims than wall


Behind matte paint is gloss paint which is the second most common paints that York painters make use of.


– Can be used on most walls



– Exposes all imperfections on a wall

– Has a high shine. Hence, can be used more on woodwork

– Need more than a single coat for coverage on walls

You cannot do the interior painting of your home alone. You should contact painting contractors in York as they have the experience to make your home a better place.

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