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Many of us have been advised that the interiors of your house should only be painted during the winter, however, it is possible to paint your interiors during the summer, contrary to general belief. Warm summer days are perfect days to open your windows and apply a new fresh color to your walls. Here are four benefits provided by the top painters York, PA about why painting your house during Summer is better than painting during Wintertime. 

Quick tips on painting for each season

Painting a new room in your house can change drastically depending on the season you are painting in.The temperatures and lighting will both dramatically change the completed results of your work.

Open windows let air in an out

One of the most obvious benefits of painting during the summer is that you can have your windows open which keeps fresh air circulating throughout the house. Having your windows opens will help dissipate paint fumes and odors faster. In addition to having your windows open, you can also turn on any fans you may have to help dry your new freshly painted walls. Keeping your windows open will also keep humidity from storing within your house and affecting the quality of the paint being used. 

Warm temperatures help speed up the drying process

Warm weather will allow you to finish your painting projects faster than while in the winter thanks to a faster drying process. Not only will you be able to finish painting your walls faster, but you will also be able to prepare your walls and the paint being used faster. Most summer temperatures provide the best conditions for your walls to dry faster, this will also allow you to add multiple coats of paint on the same day. One more thing to keep in mind is to avoid working during extreme temperatures as this can also have a negative effect on the quality of your paint by making it harder to apply.

Use sunlight to your advantage

The number one reason why painting the interior of your house is better during the summer rather than winter is simply because of the amount of sunlight your house is exposed to. The sun plays an important role when it comes to selecting the right color used to paint a certain wall inside your house. Natural sunlight provides a better idea of how a specific color will look once it has been applied to a wall. This will help you make a better decision and choose the right color based on the light and shadows of a specific room. 

Thinner paint

One more advantage of painting during the summer is that the paint being used will tend to thin out. This means that it will be easier to prepare the paint and also apply the paint. Better results are achieved and overall application time is reduced considerably.

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