House Painting Ideas That Can Transform Your House’s Curb Appeal

How to make your house more appealing

A beautiful house painting is enough to transform any house, whether it is a large luxury home or just a simple one or two-bedroom house on the cheap side of the real estate market. A great paint job is enough to turn heads and give a great impression of your home without you having to spend too much on decor or expensive landscaping. You should choose efficient painting contractors in York, PA for your painting work.

Before you enter any house, the first thing that you will recognize is the painting. If the painting is worn-out it immediately tells you not to expect too much of the interior. And when it looks pretty good it could show you the occupants like keeping the place in order and looking great, even if you have never entered the house before. With just a splash of paint you can transform the curb appeal of your house this way. Here are a few painting ideas to help transform your house’s curb appeal.


  • Give your fence a great facelift


Whether you own a million-dollar mansion or a trailer on your own property, when you have a fence that looks like it hasn’t been painted since the end of world war two, you just lose a lot of curb appeal points. Painting your fence is a great way to improve the beauty of your home without having to spend much. If you do not have a fence, find out if it is possible to build one to add value to your property.


  • Make the flower planters and pots colorful


Flowers do not only bring you closer to nature but also help beautify your home and give it great curb appeal. You can paint your flower planters and pots to make the house even more bright and colorful. You can choose to paint it to match the color of the plant or a bright or light contrast that does not necessarily take the attention of the flowers. The painting should complement the colors of nature in your home.


  • Paint the bricks


The yellow brick road that leads to Oz was not only the compass that leads to the place, but what made the city stand out. To make your home stand out, you can paint the exposed brick foundation. If your home is made entirely of brick, paint to a height of about 1 foot from the ground up. Investigate various colors and color combinations in order to determine what works best with your property.


  • Focus on the front doors and windows


The front doors of any building are the most important doors in the house. They are immediately recognized by anyone coming in or passing by as giving you great curb appeal when painted nicely. You should choose a colorful paint that can complements the overall look of the house.

To help you with choosing the right paint for you to improve your home’s curb appeal you can contact Brushwork Painters on their website to schedule an appointment.

5 Ways To Detect A Good Interior Painter

How To Get The Best Interior Painting In York PA With Painting Contractors From Brushwork

Painting is one of those things that a lot of people feel they can take on themselves. In fact, a lot of homeowners just like to paint! But if it’s not something that you have experience with, it may be best to call in a professional painting contractor. But if you do choose to call in the pros, you need to have a mark or level of evaluation that you use to assess potential painting contractors so that you know you will get the best experience and outcome possible. To figure out the quality of painting you should expect, talk to the best York, PA painters, read their reviews and testimonials, and ask to see samples of their prior work. All of this will help you to evaluate the business you wish to work with. Below are some of the items you should look for in previous work from the painting contractor.

How Do I Know I’m Getting The Best York, PA Interior Painting?

Careful Surface Preparation

Preparation is the master step in painting. York Painters who do their homework—preparing the interior walls—before splashing the paints on the walls will by far deliver the better end result. The better the preparation is done before the painting, the smoother the painting will be on the walls.

Part of the painting process involves priming the interior walls, which includes scraping the walls to remove all paint, sealing cracks and holes, and sanding out the surface for a smooth workspace that the paint will better adhere to. If your painting contractor doesn’t complete this step, you probably could have done the same job yourself.

Quality Paint Selection

York, PA interior painters who know their craft, understand that the quality of paints used in their delivering of services will definitely affect the quality of work done.

Therefore they take their time, evaluate the walls and the kind of finishing you want, then they ensure they get the best kind of paints for the interior surfaces. If there will be any mixing of paints, they do it carefully so that they can ensure absolute uniformity in their colors.

Smooth and Uniform Color Coverage

The color coverage is key for painting. You want the interiors to be uniformly painted and the colors spread across coherently. The best York painters ensure that they give a smooth and uniform distribution of coloring in all areas of the interior for their painting.

If the job has been done well, there should be no roller marks, patches of thin coverage, tiny spots which could not get paint, drips and brush strokes of paint at edges of interior walls.  

Smooth and Uniform Surface

Professional and quality painting services mean that the surface of the interior and exterior walls must be smooth and uniform after the painting. Once the painter is done with his or her job, ensure you check the quality of the surface—it should be smooth and uniform.

No lingering of Paintings on Items

When the best painters paint, you should be able to see quality and professionalism. Accidents do happen, but a professional painter will address any messes and have them cleaned before completing the project. Inspect doorknobs and frames and any furniture left in the room for splattered or stray paint.

Selecting A Painter In Central PA

Prior to choosing and selecting York painting contractors to paint your next interior project, make sure that you evaluate potential contractors on their previous work. Don’t settle for a less than exemplary experience; contact the most experienced painting contractors in Central PA today at .

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How Often Should You Repaint Your Home?

Hire Brushwork Painters To Repaint Your Home Today!

A newly painted exterior gives your home a quick but significant makeover. Whether you want to give the place a new look or simply want a passerby to give a positive first impression, ramping the curb appeal of your home is a must. Repainting also reinforces the protection against natural elements or dirt that has accumulated through the years.

Before you seek the expertise of painters in York, PA, let Brushwork Painters provide major pointers on repainting a house.

When should I Repaint The Exterior Of My House?

The rule of thumb is to always inspect your home for cracks, chalkiness, dampness and pest infestations. If you notice any of these signs, repainting by trusted York, PA painting contractors are necessary to avoid further damage. In the absence of warning signs, here are reliable estimates for every home exterior parts. Aluminum sidings will go five years at most, while stuccos last for about six years. Its wooden counterpart should be repainted every 3-7 years and must be stained about every four years. Materials such as cement and brick have less frequency. For instance, cement fiberboard sidings only need to be repainted once every 10-15 years. Repainting is more seldom with bricks, where repainting is done for at most 20 years later.

What Are The Things To Consider When Repainting The Exterior?

Most local York residential painters would tell you that repainting can be as short as 4 to 5 years. Others may give a very lax estimate of 15 years before doing any makeover. We know that painting the outside of your home costs money but delaying this activity causes more expensive repairs in the future.

First, choosing quality painting material is critical as your house is constantly exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, dust, and inclement weather. The sun causes the paint to degrade over time. This is the reason why it loses its color and luster that an infrastructure that is located in shady areas. You may also notice the surface of the paint to become powdery, a phenomenon we refer to as chalking. There are paints which are less prone to these situations, so ask your central PA painters about the type of paint they use.

Next is the previous job performed by the York, PA painting contractors. Your new painter will ask for information about the paint used last time, the number of coats applied and even the weather when the painting was done. Brushwork Painters advises using lighter shades as these last longer. Multiple coats are preferred as compared to the single application. Lastly, acrylic latex paints are resistant to fading and inclement weather.
You should also consider the climate since paint is prone to chalkiness and fade in direct sunlight. Houses near coastal areas must repaint more often than those located in the suburb. The same can be said with homes unsheltered by trees. Conditions such as harsh winters, humid summers, and frequent storms also affect the repainting cycle.

Some Reminders

You think delaying the repainting project saves money. Trust us – it is the other way around. This makes the preparation much harder that leads to a more expensive job. Brushwork Painters prides itself as one of the leading local York residential painters. Contact us today at

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Get The Right Tools To Paint Your Home

Picking the best painting tools for your space has never been easier.

Looking for a paint project shopping list? The paint, of course, should be on top of the list. But what about all the other materials? Whether it’s a house or a room-painting project, all the needed supplies must be gathered up at the start. For a first-time painter, the decision-making process requires choosing the right paint color, as well as all of the other materials. The key to a better look and finish of a home or room improvement is knowing what tools to use and when. Not sure what materials you should get, or what options are going to work better in your home? Check out these tips from a professional painter in Lancaster PA.

What Are The Best Painting Tools Out There?

Painting Brushes

For Lancaster PA house painters, the choice of the right paintbrush is almost as difficult as getting the right paint color. There a few things to remember when shopping for a paintbrush:

  • Types of Bristle – These can be synthetic or natural. The synthetic bristles are made from polyester, nylon or a mixture of both and are best for water-based latex paints. On the other hand, natural bristles are made from animal hair like hog or badger. Natural-bristle brushes are recommended for oil-based alkyd paints. If applied on a latex paint, the natural-bristle brush will absorb the water in the paint and becomes too limp, which makes it difficult or even impossible to spread the paint. Other synthetic brushes may be used to apply both the alkyd and latex paints, but make sure to read the packaging instructions to check their compatibility with the paint to be used.
  • The Shape of Bristle  – The majority of paint brushes that are sold in the market today are square-cut, which are ideal for holding and laying paint on any surface. But they don’t give control when painting into corners, along narrow surfaces or edges, or up to adjacent surfaces. For a better precise control, painters in Lancaster PA use a sash brush that has slight-angle cut bristles. These brushes are perfect for cutting in around the room’s perimeter.

Paint Rollers

Most of the large painting projects on flat surfaces are best done with the use of a roller. Similar to brushes, rollers come in different shapes and sizes. In general, these tools make the painting process of a painting contractor in Lancaster PA a lot easier for the following reasons:

  • They apply paint faster
  • They absorb more paint
  • They leave fewer seams and drips between the painted areas

Rollers are best used when painting a big area or even a size of a cabinet door to make the job faster and achieve a much smoother appearance. To minimize the number of strokes,  a Lancaster PA commercial painter chooses a roller that can cover the area most efficiently. Like brushes, the roller material also depends on the type of paint to be used:

  • Nylon or polyester rollers – used for latex paints
  • Natural rollers – Made from a lamb’s wool, mohair, and others, these are used for oils.
  • Blended rollers – Used for both latex and oil paints.

Paint Pads

These are flat pads that come with a surface that takes paint that can be applied to a different surface. Pads basically work like rollers, as they apply in a wide surface area and leaves with a smooth surface. The difference, however, is that they provide a sharper edge control. But prevent applying too much paint because a paint pad can soak up the paint and drip extensively.


These are specialty tools that are designed to permeate the painted surface with a texture. However, they should be washed out well to keep them from soaking up the paint, become dry and unusable, or fall apart.

With the right tools and knowledge, painting can be fun and exciting. Try making a simple painting supplies checklist when you start your project so that you can be sure that you have everything you need from the start.


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If You Are Trying To Find A Good Painting Contractor in Central PA Read This

Finding a Pro Painter in York

Painters often say they are trustworthy and reliable; however, that’s not always true. Some clients could be overcharged by their interior and exterior painting contractors when the person they hire charges the client more than they should or uses other approaches to increase work expenditures. Avoid being defrauded by a York painting contractor by first looking into contractors’ backgrounds prior to hiring someone. To find a good contractor, use our recommendations.

Although most people think it’s a breeze, locating a great interior and exterior painting contractor can be a tedious chore. You could often get an excellent recommendation from a colleague or a family member, so we suggest starting there. Networking opportunities may offer the chance to meet a licensed contractor who will work well with you. Once you’ve spoken with a few contractors, you’ll begin to see which one will be the best candidate for your job.

When you have a professional interior and exterior painting contractor working on your property, make certain they know in case you have a pet. Your pet may distract workers or cause additional problems, but searching for a temporary home for the pet away from the work could be a great solution. Pets and dangerous work environments do not mix, so keep the pet away for everyone’s safety.

Do not let it shock you that summertime is certainly the busy time for interior and exterior painting contractors. It’s important to be cautious when working with contractors to work on summer projects. A lot of times, a licensed contractor will take on several projects, not giving them enough time to complete them up. Make sure that your contractor has adequate time to spend on your job, so that the project will probably be completed on schedule.

Hold off on payment until you feel the job is finished. It’s suggested that you make certain that you’re happy with the work, so take some time to look it over or hire someone to check it out for you. Hold off on releasing the final payment until you have made sure that you’re satisfied with the work and all of it has been finished successfully. To create an important paper trail, never pay an interior and exterior painting contractor in cash; always use checks, money orders or credit cards.

Before beginning a job, a reliable interior and exterior painting contractor never fails to provide a straightforward estimate. When you and your painter have fully discussed the details of your project, he will have enough info to present you with a firm estimate. Verbal estimates don’t hold up well in court, so it’s best to get all quotes in writing, just in case you end up in a legal battle down the road. Once you’ve given your painter a great look at the project site and discussed the job in detail, he should start preparing your final estimate.

Here Is How You Could Hire a Good York PA Painter

If the interior and exterior painting contractor your are considering provides a super low quote, be sure to review his previous jobs and make certain he provides quality work. You’ll often need to work with a different contractor to fix the blunders made by the cut-rate contractor you hired to save a little money; this almost always guarantees you’ll spend more in the long run than you’d have by working with a better contractor at the beginning. Use these suggestions if you really want to find a reliable interior and exterior painting contractor.

As soon as the contract is signed, you and your painter are certainly the co-leaders of your project team. In that respect, ensure that you understand every single aspect of the written agreement, and never be afraid to inquire about anything that’s confusing prior to you put your signature to paper. Be certain the painter you choose works within industry standards; he should never demand a down payment that’s more than half of the total cost of the job. If doubtful, arrange to sign the contract at your interior and exterior painting contractor’s office to get a feel for how his business is run.

It isn’t surprising that some of the most popular interior and exterior painting contractors are those who certainly have a great reputation and are known for delivering exceptional projects. It’s often worth the wait to engage the services of one specific contractor, because he or she’s going to usually excel at your project. Highly sought after painters might have too much on their plate when working on your job, so beware of that. When attempting to find a licensed contractor, you should not ignore your instincts.

Contact Brushwork Painters

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When interior and exterior painting contractors start sending you bids, remember that a low quote doesn’t necessarily mean a bad contractor. In order to compare the price of the materials with the low quote, find out how much the materials will cost. Also, when evaluating a quote, make sure you are considering all labor costs. Construct a contract only if you have determined the price is within reason.

During your initial interview with a local interior and exterior painting contractor, have a real honest conversation about your expectations and clarify your vision for the project. Prior to you wrap up the interviews, make certain that prospective contractors are comfortable with the parameters of your project. Your very best bet at ensuring that your job is done correctly is to communicate effectively with your local contractor. To prevent errors and confusion, speak with your local contractor on a regular basis.

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