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#1 Central PA Painting Contractor


Residential painting

Brushwork Painters offer fast, neat and professional home painting service to the entire Susquehanna Valley and Central Pennsylvania area. Call us today at (717) 775-7010

Commercial painting

Whether you need your office, store front or a PA manufacturing facility painted count on Brushwork Painters for commercial painting in Central Pennsylvania. Call (717) 775-7010

Interior painting

Complete interior painting and custom finishing available throughout the Susquehanna Valley area. Brushwork is the #1 PA Interior Painting Contractor.

Exterior painting

Homes, businesses, and commercial facilities that want the fresh, updated facade to brighten up their property need to call Brushwork for a free exterior painting estimate.


 Home Painting and Faux Finishes

LOCATION:        York, PA

OWNER:    Emily Dubbs

PROJECT START:     Feb 2016

PROJECT END:     March 2016



“When you call Brushwork Painters, you are calling a PA painting contractor who takes pride in providing the highest quality workmanship and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

  – C. Edward (CEO. Brushwork Painters)

York PA

When you need the best painters York PA has to offer call (717) 775-7010 or request a free quote for your next Pennsylvania painting project.

Lancaster PA

When you need the best painter Lancaster PA has to offer call (717) 775-7010 or request a free quote for your next painting project.

Harrisburg PA

When you need the best painter Harrisburg PA has to offer call (717) 775-7010 or request a free quote for your next painting project.

Hanover PA

When you need the best painter Hanover PA has to offer call (717) 775-7010 or request a free quote for your next painting project.

Call Us First for Your Central PA Painting Estimate

Are you planning to have your house or business painted? Whether your intention is to re-paint your home interior or the outside of your commercial property, you should have an idea on how much you will have to spend for this project. The best way to know how much you’ll have to allot for a residential or commercial painting job is to call the professionals at Brushwork who can make an honest and accurate PA painting estimate in York and most of Central PA.

What to Expect from a Painting Cost Estimate

The painting cost estimate usually indicates cost of power washing the exterior of the house. Power washing removes dirt, chalk, and chemicals from the surface which can prevent the new coating from adhering to the exterior.  Power washing also removes mildew spores that can destroy new paint.

While you may consider doing a painting job by yourself, consider how much time you will have to spend for the project. It may take you a long time to complete the house painting. Moreover, a complex painting job like having multiple colors on the same wall can be too much for a non-pro. It’s best to leave the work to the professionals like us.

Why Contact Us for a PA Painting Estimate

There are several good reasons why you should not hesitate to contact us for a PA painting estimate.

One is that we won’t charge a single penny for the cost estimate. It’s completely free with no strings attached, so to speak. You don’t have to feel obligated to get our services when you contact us for a free cost estimate.

Second, our free estimate gives you practical information that will guide you as you make your decision. We’ll send a professional PA painting contractor and not a salesperson who will try to sell you a new paint job. The contractor is experienced and truly understands the business. He can give you an honest estimate based on the size and style of your house.

Third, you can be assured of the quality of the painting job. We have experienced contractors who can provide you with a high-caliber, good quality painting job.  You can expect no brush marks and paint drips—only clean lines that would make your house look new again.

Our workers are knowledgeable about the appropriate techniques and materials needed to complete the project in the shortest possible time, without compromising quality.